Every Move Is Like a Breakup (2018)

by Dan Collins and a Piano

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Songs written and recorded in Chicago and Madison with Josh Murtha and Reuben Garza.


released September 21, 2018

⊳Dan Collins: keys, vocals, music, lyrics
⊳Josh Murtha: bass, guitars, string arr. (3), music & lyrics (7)
⊳Reuben Garza: drums, mix (5, 6, 10, 12)
⊳Sam Sterk: mix (2, 3, 7, 9, 11)
⊳Shane D. Wilson: mix (1, 4, 8)
⊳Mike Kalajian: master (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12)
⊳Pierce Johnston: master (2, 7, 9, 10, 11)


all rights reserved



Dan Collins and a Piano Madison, Wisconsin

Singer-songwriter/pianist making music out of Madison, WI.

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Track Name: Together Is Better
They say I should be happy on my own
Independent satisfaction all alone
While I know there's nothing wrong with what they say
I'm not really sure I also feel that way

My girl she lifts up when I am down
Quicker and much higher than when she's not around
I do the same for her, it's mutual
A symbiotic love not so unusual

I ponder what they're telling me
Maybe they are right
It's possible we are too intertwined

I need you and you need me
That's the way it's gotta be
Together is better
You and I are family
Melody and harmony
Together is better

Dark times have have never stayed too long with me
I think I've found savior in her company
I have no God or answers from above
I get all I need from sharing in this love

But sometimes I'm wondering
Where my heart would be
If we never met when we were young
Track Name: Every Move Is Like a Breakup
I've heard that home is where the heart is
That you can carry it whole
Like a backpack tucked neatly in your cargo hold

Well I think I am forgetting
Some pieces back in my past
Sitting out in plain sight that I never re-packed
And I ain't going back

I leave some heart in every home that I have
Every move is like a breakup
Goodbye to all the memories that have passed
Even the smallest one's a shakeup
'Cause every move is like a breakup

Wave farewell to the neighbors
Lower your flag to half mast
Cherish all of your friends knowing some just won't last

New homes are on the horizon
You're going full speed ahead
Plugging up all the holes that you will never mend
And I know this ain't the end

Parting ways with your old routine
Throwing out some history
And don't even bother to clean
'Cause the family that's moving in is bringing all new things
Track Name: Ocean
Are you there or is this just a shell?
If I knock will you know my name?
You seem happy, I think that you are
While you're floating out in space

When I last saw you, you were at home
Lost some weight and you lost all your things
Been two years now and while I was gone
Yeah, they moved you to safety

I don't know what life must be like for you
It looks scary, but who knows the truth

You're still around in the rest of our lives, even if all your memories die
We are all sand washed away by the tide, but the ocean can never hide

We are worried about this disease
Let us know it'll all be okay
All the questions that we might've had
Are erased with the passing of day
Track Name: Protect This Miracle
I've always had a picket fence around my heart
To keep out all the stuff I hear outside
But now and then a wild wind will blow real hard
Splinters it throughout my countryside

I never thought about the day that she might die
Never thought that I could be second in line

Well I don't wanna see you go, but I don't wanna go myself
There's got to be a way out of this world
where both of us are spared from the tolling of the bell;
How can we protect this miracle?

I know we're young, but darling time ain't holdin' up
Someday we'll be planted in the dirt
Looking back now, well I don't remember much
The happy times, the heartache, and the hurt

I never thought about the day our hearts might burst
Never though that you might leave here first
Track Name: You Are a Movie to Me
I really do enjoy
Watching you be yourself
You do those silly little things

I get a private look
You share with no one else
And girl it makes me wanna sing

I love the things you do
When you think you’re alone
Like when you're talking to yourself

It’s like I’m listening in
I’ve tapped the telephone
You're on the line with someone else

You are a movie to me
Unrehearsed, no time off screen
I wanna see what you see
Can I write the soundtrack to your scene?

All of your tiny struggles
Just make me love you more
I like your hair when it sticks up

You’re standing in that mirror
It’s outfit number four
I can't help smiling when you're stuck

I'm sorry if I'm poking fun
What we have belongs us

You know I think the most of you
What you are is always enough
Track Name: Less Unsatisfied
Am I growing up? Doesn't everybody change as they get old? Or am I shedding my skin a little fast?
This much is enough. I wouldn't mind it if I stayed this age for good. I'm letting my present turn to past.

I feel I'm wastin' time
But that's the bottom line
Seems like I've been tryin'to get old

I'm a quarter of the way if I'm lucky
Really I'd rather just be stuck here
Than to have to keep on trucking through 'goodbyes'
Sure I'm scared and I'm exhausted
Being awake can leave you busted
Maybe tomorrow I'll be less unsatisfied

How old do you feel? I've heard that this is all in our mind. Young at heart, or do you wear an old soul?
Well this is the deal- it always boils down to matters of time. Carbon-dated hair, flesh, blood and bone.

You might as well enjoy the ride
You're lucky to have had a try, you could've up and died
There are far worse things in life, than realizing it's finite
So hold on for the ride, and be satisfied
Track Name: How Not to Jump the Gun
She said go your way
And baby I'll go mine
We’ll meet up some day
If the stars align

I said “hear me out
Forget the stars
We’re here right now
And the choice is ours"

But after that monster she was with
I think she needs some time alone
So I’ll delete these pictures
And her number from my phone
And I’ll start the search again
On my way and on my own
I don’t need someone
I need to learn how not to jump the gun

Some nights my courage fails
But this corner booth is dark
She's drinking ginger ale
In her Maker’s Mark

So sweet, so cold
She'll mess you up
But I’m feeling bold
So I'll drink that cup

But after that monster I became
I think I need some time alone
So I’ll delete these pictures
And her number from my phone
And I’ll start the work again
On my way, and on my own
I don’t need someone
I need to learn how not to jump the gun

I’m out here looking for the real thing
I’m not always sure just what that means
If she just wants to feel things
I’ll settle for whatever's in-between
Track Name: Medicine
I learned the hard way why my papa doesn't drink
And lucky he’s alive to tell
I wanna know if I might have the same damn thing
Laying dormant like a spell

I wouldn’t wish this way on my worst enemy
A poison with a vice-like grip

Measure it out like medicine and sing yourself to sleep
Take twice the recommended dose and weep
Plunge into the bottle hidden high up on the shelf
You say a prayer and fall down to your knees

I just found out that we live longer drunk than dry
What’s 80 years under the sea?
The way we are we’d rather be lower than high
How did all this come to be?

There is no antidote or magic little pill
A curse than never goes away

There’s a silver lining peeking out behind
If you bounce off the bottom hard enough
You will ascend to heights you thought you’d never find
I know because I’ve seen it for myself
Track Name: From the Start
Why won't you call me back
I wanna reminisce now, don't you too
Maybe you're way off track
Pick up the phone and let me laugh with you

I hope that you are well
Sometimes I worry that you've given up
But even the hottest hell
Burns up and spits you out with ash and dust

Do you remember when we used to catch bees
I didn't know you had that allergy
Do you remember playing in the yards
Back when life wasn't so hard

Hold on tight to your old friends; they stayed while others went
They are the ones that know who you truly are
You moved away and grew apart, made new plans and changed your heart
But no one else was there from the start

Sometimes I wonder why
I spend my time worried about this stuff
It's possible that I
Am just projecting my own fear of loss

Do you recall the trip we made up north
That surprise was sure all-time
Remember the hours we would spend outdoors
Man, that was sure the life
Track Name: Proud of You
I am surrounded by 1000 angels
They were built for me when I was young
I never stopped to wonder who had made those
But now I know who it was

Mother and father were the tired builders
All this time they've been raising me up
Where did they get all of these magic powers
Where did they learn how to love?

Momma I am proud of you
And father, I am proud of you too
No one tells you anymore
So let me say that I am proud of you

I got a medal when I was a child
Just for being in the game that day
I know we lost, but we all still smiled
We just wanted to play

I think I threw away all my trophies
When I moved in and out of home those days
I didn't need 'em 'cause I don't feel lonely
It just the way I was raised

We're divided black and white
On just what kind of love is right
We should try to look inside
And make somebody proud
Track Name: Planted in the Dirt
I see you watching yourself
In that mirror with those clothes
I've told you time and again
I love you with my eyes closed

Don't bother doing your hair
Don't paint your nails or your face
There's no point to weighing in
This love cannot be replaced

You'll say you're doing it for yourself, to feel confident and well
You are still the same under your shell

I'll be right here no matter how the wind blows
Every seven years we see our shadow
Time will paint our skin with deeper wrinkles
I'll be planted in the dirt right next to you

You're just following the rules
The ones they show on TV
They've got some rules for me too
Let's break 'em all, you and me

I know we're always trying on different shirts for different days
Well a shirt will work the same a million ways

Where do you see yourself in 40 years?
Do you see me with slightly bigger ears?
I can see you in my future mirror
You’re just as beautiful as you are in this moment here
Track Name: Going This Way
Spent the weekend in Angels
First time flying first class and I wanna know-
Am I doing the right thing by going this way?

Bought a shirt for a hundred
No thrift store or sales rack and I wanna know-
Am I doing the right thing by going this way?

Now really I'll never have to starve
Now maybe I'll never be a real rock star
I never asked for what I have but I don't wanna give it back
So tell me- am I doing the right thing by going this way?

Got myself a retirement
Bought some shares like a real square and I wanna know-
Am I doing the right thing by going this way?

Get my retail delivered
Couple clicks, modern magic, and I wanna know-
Am I doing the right thing by going this way?

I hope that I haven't settled
But then again, maybe I have, and that's why I wanna know-
Am I doing the right thing by going this way?

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